Saturday, July 16, 2005

On the corner of Soho and Queen in Toronto. This is capoeira, which I'd never seen before so I Googled it and I'm attaching the snippet I found on 

"Capoeira is a 400 year old Afro-Brazilian art form that was developed as a method of expression and self defense by the African slaves in Brazil. Today it is Brazil's second largest sport after soccer, and is fast becoming a global recognized art and sport form. It's distinctive blend of martial arts, dance, ritual, music attracts people of all types. It's emphasis on functional core strength, flexibility and balance makes it an ideal workout.

Capoeira is called a "jogo", or game, in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil. This game is played in a circle of participants, the "roda". Inside the roda, two players will play capoeira - using rhythmic movements, kicks, sweeps and evasions. They play capoeira to the music created by other players, who use instruments specific to capoeira - the Berimbau, (the stringed bow), the Atabaque (the floor drum) and the Pandeiro (a tambourine). The music sets the tone for the type of game to be played."Posted by Picasa


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