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Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge
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PC Gregg John and police mount Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge

April 9-12, 1917

* The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the biggest single Allied advance on the Western front up to that point in World War I.

* Months of preparation went into the battle, included building tunnels, trenches, tramways and roads. Extensive reconnaissance used observation balloons for the first time, and the German defences were subjected to a three-week barrage of artillery in advance.

* All four divisions of the Canadian Corps went into battle.

* The attack began at dawn and Canadians took the crest of Vimy Ridge in the afternoon of April 9.

* On April 12, they took Hill 145, the highest feature on the ridge, and also the "Pimple," a large hill on the northern end of Vimy Ridge.

Vimy Ridge Battle Casualties

* 10,602 Canadians wounded
* 3,598 Canadians died


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