Thursday, September 11, 2008


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P.C. Richard Cooper and one of the newest members of the unit, Trooper. You can tell Trooper is new because he still has his forelock, that bit of hair between his ears. It gets shaved off when he "graduates".

They're standing in front of the Royal Canadian Military Institute on University Ave.

In 1890, the Officers of the Toronto Garrison founded the Royal Canadian Military Institute with the then Governor General of Canada, The Earl Grey, as its patron. Earl Grey laid the cornerstone of the existing premises in 1907.

Today, the heritage building– an Edwardian edifice flanked distinctively by two 19th century cannons, with substantial space devoted to Museum galleries displaying exhibits drawn from the Institute's extensive collections, and a 30,000 volume research Library whose holdings include significant collections of primary documents relating to Canada's military history – some of which are unique, alongside a curatorial workshop and small research areas for visiting scholars.


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