Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday morning

P.C. Dennis Rowbotham on police horse Honest Ed, named for one of the great characters in Toronto. Ed has been in training to be a police horse for almost a year. When he graduates, his forelock (the bit of hair on his forehead) will be snipped off and he'll be one of the Mounted Unit's equine best.  Posted by Hello

P.C. Rowbotham and Ed, in front of the Liberty Grand Ballroom on the Lakeshore. Posted by Hello

Partners Posted by Hello

In perfect step, P.C.Dennis Rowbotham on police mount Ed and P.C. Steve Noble on police mount Juno Beach.  Posted by Hello

Heading home Posted by Hello

P.C. Beth Blaser in front of the most important place in Canada for the faithful. Where is it, you ask? The Hockey Hall of Fame, where else? Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday afternoon, out on the town

I always ask before I take someone's picture. It's good manners. Posted by Hello

This is Manfred and his friends. If I can remember, I think they were Rambo, Annie, Tinkerbell and Barbara Hall. And many more. Posted by Hello

Tails, you win. Posted by Hello

If you stand there long enough, you find yourself sprouting critters. Posted by Hello

One of the guys at the mounted unit suggested I look Manfred up and I'm glad I did. He really made my day. Sweet character. A lot of people think that police officers are these cold, robocop units, but it just isn't true. They build up relationships with the folks on their patrols and worry about them when they don't see them in their regular spots. They really do care, it's true. Posted by Hello

Dancer at Toronto city hall in front of ice wall. Posted by Hello

shapes and reflections Posted by Hello

What I love about Toronto is all the trees. Even in the barren canyons of the financial district. Posted by Hello

Two curiously familiar tourists. Posted by Hello

Downtown Toronto, looking up. Posted by Hello

Golden light Posted by Hello

I had so much fun today. First of all, the weather was what Canadians call balmy, meaning it was zero celsius and you could take your mittens off without your fingers going numb. Secondly, we wandered all over the downtown, shooting with all of the cameras, film, digital, eyeballs. It was a great day. Posted by Hello

I'm thinking this is one of God's bouncers. Posted by Hello

Queen St. colours. I think that because this winter has been so, well, wintry.. and white, my eyes are craving colours. This one really works for me. Posted by Hello

Today down on Grenadier Pond in the golden hour. I took this same shot last year, with the Canon, went back this time with the Olympus, more pixel real-estate to play with.  Posted by Hello

How Canadian, eh? Oops. I actually heard today, that according to a scientific study, Canadians aren't as guilty as we used to be when it comes to using the "eh" word. Posted by Hello

Saturday morning, too early

Fountain in BCE place Posted by Hello

Allen Lambert Galleria at BCE Place. Posted by Hello

Saturday was the Alzheimer Walk for Memories downtown Toronto.  Posted by Hello