Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alleyway Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

Barrel full of sky. Posted by Picasa

Cobblestones at the distillery Posted by Picasa

Barrels of rainwater Posted by Picasa

Little dog I met on Front St. today. Posted by Picasa

China is one teensy dog. I understand she's a celebrity, been in a few films. I hope she comes to me for her headshots. Posted by Picasa

Reflections in the window of 71 Front St. E. Posted by Picasa

Nice wall art at Kensington fish market Posted by Picasa

Going down Front Street this afternoon, I looked at the SUV next to me and saw the skyscrapers reflected in his window, so I snapped this abstract shot. Posted by Picasa

Sidewalk sign in Kensington Market. Posted by Picasa

out of the closet

Ok, everyone has their little secret in the closet, now you know mine. 60 pairs of shoes and I can't get my swollen foot into any of them. So I'm forced to wear my snowboots in this glorious spring-like weather. Hmph. I emptied my closet to find something that would fit on my foot... and then I thought, why not take a photo since I'll never do this again.. so I did. It's a bit embarassing really, to see how many pairs I have. I don't think I ever realised it before. I'll think twice before I buy another pair of shoes. Or not. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I wonder how many shots I have of the back of Richard's head? I'll add this one to the folder. Posted by Picasa

Richard got the shot of the day. He wandered around the barns, knee deep in mud and whatsit to get this lovely portrait. Posted by Picasa

Drove out to the country today to visit my old friend Jane who has a farm near Lindsay. It was pouring rain and we got soaked to the skin, but it was nice warming up by the woodstove afterwards. Posted by Picasa

Jane is into dressage and has some lovely Morgan horses in her barns. She's won loads of ribbons over the years. Posted by Picasa

This is Clyde's best trick. Sitting up straight and smiling at you.  Posted by Picasa

The light in the mud room is really nice. Posted by Picasa

Jane's laneway is about 250 yds long and it was sheer ice with rivers of icy water running over it, making it a bit treacherous. So Ricardo and I drove to the local roadworks and filled about ten bags with grit and salt and came back to the farm... with Richard sitting in the back of the truck and tossing the dirt out the back. It worked really well. Oh right, this is the inside of the huge whatever you call it.. teepee, dome, giant beehive thingie they keep the grit and salt in. You can drive right inside of it. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Belly dancer Posted by Picasa

BCE Place. The Great Fire of 1904 destroyed much of downtown Toronto except for a strip near Yonge and Wellington. BCE place architects preserved these old buildings, incorporating them into the fabric of the towers. A perfect juxtaposition of old and new. Posted by Picasa

It was nice to see the photo of my mom and dad on the poster on stage at the Walk. Posted by Picasa

BCE place, Alzheimer Walk for Memories. Posted by Picasa

The glass roof of the huge atrium at BCE place, which makes it one of the nicest places to shoot. Posted by Picasa

The Men of Note Posted by Picasa

Andrew, my son, playing on the stage at the walk in BCE place. He was really amazing. Posted by Picasa