Sunday, October 31, 2004

what photographers do on their days off

It's a day off!! Quick, grab the cameras and go..
Cruising on Queen St West.. Posted by Hello

sunlit street Posted by Hello

skeins of wool Posted by Hello

Old door Posted by Hello

Trick pic. If you look carefully you can see one of my favourite buildings in the city. Posted by Hello

I love the distillery. I guess it's getting photographed to death in the last few years, but I don't care, you can always find good shots. Posted by Hello

Ricardo not making a doofus face for once. Posted by Hello

Ricardo and I.  Posted by Hello

halloween sighting 
I think that this is one of the best shots I've ever taken. Everything came together accidentally to make a sweet composition.

Okay, maybe not completely randomly. I saw her as we were driving down Queen St. I thought that it would make a quirky shot, a monster on Queen St.. I drove a few blocks along and got out and set up the tripod, hoping she'd walk by. Her mom ended up dragging her into an art gallery and staying for about ten minutes.. so I killed time shooting other passersby. When she finally came out of the gallery she decided she was going to jump up and down in front of the camera trying to scare me.. Not what I wanted. I wanted candid, right? So I shot a bunch of her scaring me, facing the camera. Eventually she got bored and her mom called her away. She turned to walk away just as this old gentleman on the bike rode past, curious, with his groceries. Snap. Just in time, as she was about to walk out of the frame. Posted by Hello

Danger Posted by Hello


And no Sunday photo ramble is complete without a Mayan hot chocolate (yummy pure chocolate melted and mixed with chilis) at the Distillery. Posted by Hello

Birds are coming! Posted by Hello

1128 Queen St. West Posted by Hello

lurker Posted by Hello

yarn Posted by Hello

A little green monster walking down Queen street Posted by Hello

Out and about on Queen West today.  Posted by Hello

A slice of the sky in the gutter. Hanging around Rosedale waiting for Drew to finish practice with Mooredale orchestra. He's my younger son and very accomplished cellist.  Posted by Hello

Yet more leaves Posted by Hello

Just got a nice email from Gautam Narang, a photographer's assistant looking for work. This is one of the shots in his portfolio, really superb work. If anyone's looking for an assistant I'll give you his contact details. Posted by Hello

Remember Uyen Chi and Jared? The cutest couple in the universe? They're baaaack Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Very cool Posted by Hello

Uyen Chi in traditional Vietnamese dress. They also brought some beautiful Tamil clothes too, so we got shots of all of the outfits. Some are going to be made into a calendar. I'll get Ricardo to work his kitschy magic on the project. Posted by Hello

Jaret Li Posted by Hello

ain anbu Posted by Hello